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Our Mission

Scalp micropigmentation is the one and only solution to hair loss that guarantees 100% results. The treatment allows you to have instant results and never have to worry about hair loss again.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is first and foremost to give you a bold look. The treatment ensures that your result will look completely natural thanks to our experienced artists.

Self Esteem

Hair loss is unavoidable if it's happening to you. As a result, for many, self-confidence can be very effective. Whether it is the comments from people around you or even the way they look at you can say a lot. At HD Pigmentation, our specialists will give you indestructible confidence with the outcome of the natural results of your treatment.

Our Treatments

Specialized in

This treatment is for you if you suffer from baldness. The final result will give you an amazing natural look as if you have never lost your hair.

This treatment is suitable for MEN and WOMEN. This technique will create hair volume. If you suffer from thinning hair and you do not want to shave your head, this treatment is for you.

In the camouflage treatment, the scars will be covered in ways to go unnoticed. Whether it is a wound scar or any kind of surgery scar (hair transplant, head surgery, etc.), scalp micropigmentation will minimize or even eliminate the scar.

This treatment is for you if you have an incomplete beard or missing density. We will replicate beard follicles and make it look fuller.

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Our Clients' Reviews


Don’t search elsewhere, HD Pigmentation are just simply the best out here!



For the first time in years, I feel comfortable taking pictures!



I used to never dare go anywhere without my hat. With my new hair line, it is completely the opposite! Thank you so much HD Pigmentation.